A prehistoric ocean has preserved rock salt crystals in the Himalayan Mountains by tectonic pressure for more than 250 million years. This salt is exceptionally pure, free from contaminants and impurities, and is a culinary marvel. We believe that it is the top supplier of Himalayan Rock Salt. Natural shades of color can be seen in rock salt crystals. Taking a bath in the saltwater of the Himalayas can do wonders for your complexion. The skin absorbs all the minerals necessary for many of its functions through dermal absorption. As Himalayan Rock Salt Exporter, we can proudly say that Rock Salt is available in multiple packaging sizes for clients.

Activating your salivary glands with rock salt crystals can aid digestion by releasing amylase, which breaks down starch (an enzyme that helps digest carbs). Once in the stomach, hydrochloric acid and an enzyme for protein digestion are stimulated, and aid in indigestion. We work as a leading Himalayan Rock Salt Manufacturer of Rock Salt Crystals; All these products are procured from certified vendors after implementing strict quality-control tests.

Crystals range in color from pure white, pink, orange, and deep red to a mixture of all of these. The inclusion of iron and more than 80 other minerals in salt crystals is the reason for the variation in Himalayan crystal mineral salt. As Himalayan rock salt importers, we have experienced that as the iron levels increase, the pink, orange, and red colors of the crystals become more vibrant. For more information visit now:

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